Meet the People.

We call our seasoned partners an exquisite stable of resources. Regardless of the task at hand, we gather just the right team to be on target and on budget.

Jerry Slomski

With over 30 years in the business, Jerry thinks like a client…but with an edge.  He knows the right questions to ask, the right time to ask them, and when to bring them to the party.  His leadership of the agency for nearly 20 years has given him his very, very, very blond hair.

Nancy Slomski

Every organization needs a taskmaster. From her uncanny ability to juggle financials and phones, Nancy keeps every person on-track and every project in-check. And her background in healthcare administration helps us pronounce all the new client product names we have to learn.

Don Grise

Don began his audio visual technical career before he could walk. His 75-year old family AV business has witnessed technology make unimaginable forward leaps and bounds but one element has never changed for Don—the excitement of the big show.

Brad Drumheller

No one can ever remember what Brad looks like because his face is always buried behind the camera or in the dark depths of the edit suite. His masterful videography doesn’t just capture images; it captures everything. He knows what human emotion is all about.

Amy Reszkowski

When she’s not running around the country as presentation director on special events, Amy develops, designs, and teaches commercial software and proprietary computer applications. We don't really understand it, but she seems to really like it.

Debra Bartle

Deb reads Geoffrey Chaucer for fun. She does. Really. Her respect for the English language, which earned her a Master of Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, translates into her impeccable client work in presentation formatting and coaching. From cosmetics to substance, Deb has a passion for perfection…and that is no Canterbury Tale.